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My name is Sam Piercy. I am the founder of MoneyMinding Ministries and host of the Faith for Finances Show.

I am also the author and visionary behind a practical and spiritual transformation program called Faith for Finances as well as other unique and powerful programs for equipping the Body of Christ to walk in financial victory. My vision is to provide tools, training and opportunities to build community to break through the stigma and strongholds of financial belief to see finances increase for the Kingdom of God on earth in this hour.

The concepts you'll find here are birthed out of many years in and around finance and a lot of painful realization that the Kingdom model for economics doesn't fit with worldview financial strategies of cutting back and saving more - these are 1/2 truths. So what's the answer?

Tune in and join me/us as we explore the key question about 'how' to use the financial tools of today with a Kingdom mindset for immediate, sustainable, and increasing cause-driven wealth!
We will be live in 2020 on www.kitvnetwork.com.

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Yes Sam, I'd like to know more about the show and how it will help me and my ministry get a fresh perspective on increasing Kingdom finances!!

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